Nissan Roadside Assistance is only one call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our toll free number 0800 4 NISSAN (0800 464 7726).

All new Nissans come with standard 3 year Roadside Assist so whether you’ve locked your keys in your car, got a flat tyre, have a flat battery, run out of fuel or have just simply broken down, our friendly Roadside team will have you safely back on the road in no time.


Nissan Express Service (or NES for short) is for owners of older Nissans, who want their vehicle looked over by professional Nissan technicians, want genuine Nissan parts fitted, and want it all wrapped up quick-smart. We don’t think that’s too much to ask!

So what does NES involve?

A thorough check under the hood:

  • Replace engine oil & Genuine Nissan oil filter
  • Check Fluid Levels: coolant / power steer / brake & clutch / window washer / automatic transmission
  • Inspect air filter
  • Inspect drive belt condition & adjustment
  • Visual inspection of Cooling system for leaks and condition

The chassis and body get a good going over:

  • Visual inspection of brake pads & disc rotors
  • Visual inspection of brake linings & drums (if applicable)
  • Check clutch, brake pedal and handbrake operation
  • Inspect shock absorbers / suspension
  • Inspect steering gear, linkage & boots
  • Inspect muffler / exhaust pipes / mountings
  • Inspect C.V boots
  • Inspect transmission / differential / transfer case fluid levels, fluid condition & fluid leaks
  • Inspect fuel lines & connections
  • Visual inspection of chassis condition
  • Inspect tyre condition & tread depths

Finally we check the techo stuff and road test, just to make sure:

  • Inspect battery condition & connections
  • Check operation & condition of electrical equipment (lights, horn, wipers, washers)
  • Carry out Nissan Vehicle Management Diagnostic inspection
  • Road test

Make an appointment for a Nissan Express Service and when you bring your vehicle in, you’ll get a specially designed service utilising the latest servicing techniques and Nissan diagnostic equipment, genuine parts, approved lubricants and you’ll get it all in around 90 mins.

Nissan Vehicle Inspection

27-point Check Service on:

  • Interior/exterior:
    • Head lights/tail lights/turn signals/brake lights/ hazard warning lights/exterior lamps
    • Windshield washer spray
    • Windshield condition
    • Upholstery/carpet/floor mats/mirrors/glass
    • Emergency brake adjustment
    • Horn operation
    • Fuel tank cap gasket
    • In-cabin microfilter (if equipped)
    • Clutch operation (if equipped)
  • Under vehicle:
    • Shock absorbers/suspension
    • Steering gear box/ linkage and boots/ball joints/dust covers
    • Muffler/exhaust pipes/mountings
    • Engine oil and/or fluid leaks
    • Brake lines/hoses/parking brake cable
    • Drive shaft boots/constant velocity boots/ U-joints transmission linkage (if equipped)
    • Fuel lines and connections/ fuel tank bond/ fuel tank vapour vent system hoses
  • Under bonnet
    • Fluid levels: oil/coolant/battery/power steering/ brake/clutch/washer/automatic transmission
    • Engine air filter
    • Drive belts (condition and adjustment)
    • Engine coolant system
    • Cooling system hoses/heater hoses/air conditioning hoses and connections
    • Radiator core and cap
  • Battery performance
    • Battery terminals/cables/mountings
    • Check condition of battery (load test)
  • Brake & Tyre

NES Terms and Conditions

  1. * Some exceptions may apply. Please refer to the full terms and conditions here. The advertised prices exclude GST. Nissan New Zealand reserves the right to vary or alter this offer without notice at any time.
  2. ** Standard Handbook Scheduled Servicing is the recommended interval based replacement and inspection required for all NEW Nissan vehicles under the Nissan New Zealand manufacturers 3 year warranty period. Please refer to your owners handbook or phone 0800 4 NISSAN for more information.
  3. The NES includes the replacement of engine oil and engine oil filter parts only and a specific check and inspection of components as outlined under “So what does NES involve?” section. Should your vehicle require any urgent repairs or adjustments to complete the NES or are in addition to the NES, these will be discussed with you prior to such undertakings.
  4. NES pricing excludes vehicles with Diesel Particulate filter due to different grade of oils required. Particulate filter vehicles require a unique oils to ensure the engine continues to run as it should and is not subject to adverse cylinder bore and piston wear. Please continue to book your vehicle and request a quote before the service is carried out.
  5. While Nissan makes every effort to ensure each NES is completed in around 90 mins this may not be possible in some circumstances. Factors which may affect Nissan’s ability to complete your NES in around 90 mins include (but not limited to): the specific state of your vehicle such as being modified from original or components covered in excess mud or grime; whether your vehicle has arrived by the agreed appointment time and whether any work is undertaken as authorised by you in addition to the special NES. Contact your NES dealer to discuss your particular requirements or vehicle, if you think there may be extra time required or additional work.

Nissan Vehicle Inspection Terms and Conditions

  1. A Nissan Specialist Inspection provides an objective, independent viewpoint on the general mechanical and structural condition of the motor vehicle. The assessment is based on a non-invasive external and systems diagnostics inspection only and is valid at the time of the appraisal. The inspection will not identify any hidden defects, intermittent problems that cannot be identified from the diagnostic test or visual inspection that may become apparent after the inspection.
  2. The Nissan dealership has used all reasonable care and skill in completing its examination of the vehicle and in the preparation of the report. This is a limited inspection and we do not warrant the condition of the vehicle at the time of purchase. The inspection report will not identify whether any of the systems or parts of the vehicle will continue to operate acceptably. For coverage of potential future repairs you could consider purchasing a Mechanical Warranty Insurance policy.
  3. The Nissan dealership prepares the report for the customer named in the report and is under no obligation to supply information on the inspection or supply a copy of the report to any third party.
  4. The inspection report excludes information on the vehicle’s registration, liens or finance secured over the vehicle, or ownership of the vehicle. This information can be provided by purchasing a Vehicle Information Report (VIR) which can be purchased online.
  5. The inspection report excludes information on the value of the vehicle. However, information on the vehicle’s value can be provided by the dealer as an additional service should you require a report on this also.
  6. The information provided in the report is accurate to the best knowledge of Nissan dealership at the time of the inspection and Nissan New Zealand and the dealership disclaims all liability on behalf of itself, and its agents and contractors, to the extent permitted by law, for any error, omission, defect, failure and/or for any damages arising out of reliance upon the report.